Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Track - Light It Up


Yesss! This that new panas-panas from me and Twenty-II (2II) featuring Tactmatic! Check it out and please do spread the love if you're diggin what you hear.

And I also happen to have a facebook page now which you can check out here. Rasa seperti dah maju setapak kehadapan. Fuck yeah. Like like like and like that shieeeet aite.

Chalo Brah

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Raising The Bar II

Me and the Dafrosty had a chance to rock a set at the previous Raising The Bar. The nite was pure #gilababi awesomeness. Shoutout to Shazet and RW for recording and uploading these awesome videos!

And also, catch me rappin in malay somewhere in 5forty2's set.

Pardon the gila babi draggy outros. =)

Chalo Brah

Thursday, January 6, 2011

ATP - F.A.F / Output 1 - 2 (PREVIEW)

What's up dowh? =)

Here's a preview of a song I'm guest featured in alongside Dafrosty and Ksatriya. The full version will be in Alexander The Phatos's coming album which should drop sometime early 2011. In the meantime, ya'll can check out the Penang-based group at:

Produced by AnisHaron for Phatosism 2011
Music/Keys/SoundEffects written arranged and performed by AnisHaron.
Lyrics by Adifarhud.Dafrosty.Ksatriya.SaphuanAwang.

Dah 2011 brah

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dafrosty - 7AM (feat Saphuan & Shazet)

And here's another project I was involved in not too long ago. Check out me and Dafrosty jammin flows over Shazet's beatbox.

Be prepared, pack your bags for a leave
Shazet's in the house, neighbours can't sleep.

Chalo Brah

New Track - One Mic

What's up people!!

New track's up, One Mic, produced/composed by Twenty-II and written by yours truly. It's been out for a while now, around 2 weeks I think, and the response to it has been great and very motivating. Thank you!! Gotta give credits to that dude Dafrosty for pushin this to be a full song coz if it wasn't for him, this would've came out with just one verse. I was really just tryna record for the sake of recording coz I haven't been recording for a while at that time. Brushing up numsayin... What really turned out great (to me laaa) was the effects and beat transitions during the 2nd verse. Twenty-II just went crazy enhancing the beat complimenting my flow/delivery and Dafrosty cranked up the vocal effects tryna match it with the enhanced beat. So yeah, check it out homies!

If you're diggin the vibe, you can also vote for it at the weekly MY Flow charts here!

Big ups to Malaysian Hip Hop and Newba PWC for posting this song up their site.

Chalo Brah